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TLC Introduces BiblioFile with Multilingual Cataloging

Posted Jul 26, 2006
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The Library Corporation (TLC) has announced the release of BiblioFile, a generational upgrade to the company's ITS•forWindows cataloging program. TLC has engineered the program to support the full range of scripts and languages sought after by technical services librarians. BiblioFile makes use of the user's Windows Regional and Language Options settings to display Unicode characters without changing fonts.

Libraries can use BiblioFile's USNP-aware Z39.50 client to access OCLC, RLIN, or TLC's own ITS•MARC service, a 29-million record copy cataloging resource. BiblioFile's new search dialog offers 37 access points, Boolean support, and fully configurable search and database settings.

Enhanced workflow features include the following:

* Multilingual cataloging, providing dynamic font substitution capabilities
* Result set filtering, in which users enter additional terms to narrow the result set. Catalogers can reconfigure columns on the fly to refine the display or compare groups of records.
* New help features, including advanced search capabilities within the Cataloger's Reference Shelf, Web links, and embedded video clips
* Browser component, allowing catalogers to visit Web Sites from within BiblioFile
* Full support of ISBN-13

Source: The Library Corporation,

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