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TIME Launches TIME for Kids Classroom App

Posted Oct 20, 2014
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TIME For Kids is releasing the TIME for Kids Classroom App, a dynamic teaching tool that brings exclusive current events content to life through interactive images, videos, animations, polls, maps and more. The TIME For Kids Classroom App enables teachers to integrate multimedia and real-world connections into their K-6 classrooms, address students’ individual abilities with leveled content, meet Common Core State Standards and put current events into context for young learners.

The TIME For Kids Classroom App supports the realities of the modern classroom with immersive content for multiple levels of learners. With audio of text and vocabulary definitions to support learners, as well as a version of select articles for the grade level below, teachers are able to teach the same highly engaging content to the whole class while simultaneously addressing the individual needs of their students.

A team of veteran journalists and educators develops the content using a whole child approach, which takes grade and reading levels into consideration. Sensitive content is also vetted by teacher advisors who have a deep understanding of their students’ emotional and educational needs and offer critical classroom perspective. The topics covered directly impact students’ lives and facilitate discussion among teachers, parents and students. This whole-child approach extends to the assessments in the Classroom App. Each question in the interactive quizzes is aligned to grade-appropriate Common Core English Language Arts standards. Teachers can monitor student performance against each standard and pinpoint areas where students need extra assistance through assessment and reporting powered by the Cognero assessment platform.

TIME For Kids is offering a free trial of the app, which includes full access to student assessments, through Dec. 31, 2014. To learn more about the app and to register, visit The Classroom App is currently available for iPad, and TIME For Kids plans to extend to additional platforms.

Source: TIME For Kids,

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