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TANDBERG Announces Connections Program Virtual Field Trip Schedule for 2006

Posted Sep 20, 2006
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TANDBERG, a provider of visual communication products and services, has announced the schedule for its 2006 Connections Program, a virtual field trip offering that empowers schools and teachers to "bring the world to the classroom" using interactive videoconferencing. TANDBERG will offer access to free virtual field trips to schools that use TANDBERG videoconferencing equipment, enabling students to experience cultural events in foreign countries, learn about scientific discoveries, or hear stories first hand from those that lived through historic moments. Virtual field trips help schools overcome lack of resources and funding or simple geographic barriers to provide interactive lessons that enhance existing curriculum and bring students what are potentially once-in-a-lifetime experiences, the announcement states.

The Connections Program 2006 schedule will offer students the opportunity to:

* Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef and discover the impact coral reefs have on wildlife and the world.
* Speak directly to Pearl Harbor survivors about the events of December 7, 1941.
* Learn why people don't fall out of roller coasters when they go upside down, and even help construct a portion of a roller coaster track to demonstrate the physics behind roller coaster performance.
* Experience the secret lives of dolphins, amphibians and bats.

As part of TANDBERG's 2006 Connections Program, school children will use videoconferencing to take a virtual field trip to West Texas to learn about the history of cotton and the role cotton played in shaping early America. This virtual field trip, presented by a high school class in Stamford, Texas, as part of its own interactive video curriculum, will allow elementary students who may have never seen a cotton field to experience a part of history and learn why "cotton was king."

TANDBERG's free virtual field trips are offered on a monthly, first-come, first-served basis to current customers. To register for this exciting program, TANDBERG customers should visit For more information about TANDBERG videoconferencing in education, see


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