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Sunburst Technology Ships Standards-Based Software to Improve Students’ Reading Skills by Building vocabulary

Posted Sep 30, 2005
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Sunburst Technology has announced that it is shipping Key Skills for Reading: Vocabulary Development, the newest title in its Key Skills Learning System software series for schools. The series targets fundamental reading skills from the No Child Left Behind and Reading First Five Essential Components of Reading Instruction legislations and provides a comprehensive assessment and management tool for teachers. Key Skills for Reading: Vocabulary Development is designed to help students in grades 1 to 3 improve their vocabulary as they progress through a series of educational activities, each of which focuses students on a specific skill. Through a Management Tool, the program also enables teachers to target, assess, and remediate the exact skills they need for their students, the announcement states.

Key Skills for Reading: Vocabulary Development supports students' reading efforts with activities that build their word recognition and word analysis skills. Students learn to classify words by purpose and part-of-speech, build knowledge of essential sight words (using words from the Dolch Sight Words lists), recognize usage differences in homophones, construct compound words, and build words using prefixes and suffixes. This program addresses International Reading Association (IRA) and National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) standards for language arts.

The Key Skills Learning System was designed to give teachers the flexibility to buy only the skill sets they want as well as allow them to easily add new content as more Key Skills programs become available. Each activity in every title focuses on one specific skill.

Key Skills for Reading: Vocabulary Development includes 12 leveled activities that complement a core reading curriculum. An enhanced Management Tool, a global assessment feature included in this title, upgrades all previous Key Skills titles installed on a single computer or server, as well as integrates the content and student data from all Key Skills titles on the same computer or server. The Management Tool provides an easier-to-use management screen with a simplified "tree structure" approach allowing teachers to select and assign activities. Teachers can also see a preview and description of each activity while they are making their assignments.

Student progress is recorded in the Management Tool, where teachers can view individual student and class reports. When installed on a school's network, the Management Tool helps schools to document adequate yearly progress for all of their students, as required by "No Child Left Behind" legislation, according to the announcement. Teachers can create a variety of personalized reports using a filter option, with variables such as average, high/low, actual, or median scores; percentages; dates; grade levels; activities; skills; and more. Reports can be printed and shared with colleagues, students, parents, specialists, and administrators to communicate goals and accomplishments. Information from the reports can also be used to help teachers determine whether or not students have mastered reading skills long before major tests or report-card time, enabling teachers to adjust their lessons, prescribe remediation and enrichment activities, and reinforce skills as needed.

For more information on included activities, plus pricing and availability, visit

Source: Sunburst Technology,

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