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Sunburst Technology Announces Sunburst Learning Solutions

Posted Jan 23, 2006
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Sunburst Technology has announced Sunburst Learning Solutions, a program designed to provide schools with student achievement solutions for differentiated instruction. Available now, Sunburst Learning Solutions focuses on student improvement in grades K-12 using technology platforms developed for targeted intervention. Sunburst Learning Solutions provides schools with solutions that meet "No Child Left Behind" legislation requirements and that can be customized to each school's individual challenges, according to the announcement. It offers customizable, research-based achievement solutions for schools, leveraging online and standards-based products.

The program assists schools in assessing their students' specific needs through diagnostic or prescriptive assessments and then customizes an appropriate instructional solution. Solutions focus on differentiated instruction to improve achievement for all children at the individual student level. They range from basic intervention, when some students need additional practice and supplemental instruction based on diagnostic assessment, to intensive intervention or remediation for students who require extensive progress monitoring. Solutions include reporting and assessment options, which allow teachers to assess their students as frequently as needed and support data-driven decisions.

Sunburst Learning Solutions provides teacher-centric implementation and fosters ongoing and nurturing relationships with teachers, the announcement states. They include interactive implementation, training, one-to-one coaching for teachers, teacher technical support, and professional development opportunities.

The custom solutions are drawn from over 30,000 tools and resources on four platforms - Sunburst Technology's online learning environment and Key Skills Learning System of language arts and mathematics software; the Prescriptive Instruction intensive intervention system powered by Learning Today; and Let's Go Learn' s reading and math diagnostic assessment programs. provides educators and students in grades K-12 and their parents with an integrated collection of supplemental curriculum content, including lesson-planning, homework, assessment, and Parent Center resources that can be accessed at school, home or anywhere there is an Internet connection. It provides 24-hour access to a standards-based bilingual curriculum, interactive homework assignments, project templates, tools, lesson plans, reference materials, and online professional development via a password-protected Web site.

Prescriptive Instruction is a Web-based intensive intervention and instructional tool. It is an integrated learning system that covers reading and math for grades K-5. The system is designed to enable educators to comprehensively assess students, and then automatically provide differentiated instruction to students of varying ability and aptitude levels.

Let's Go Learn provides K-12 reading and math diagnostic assessment programs, adapting questions as it progresses to identify why students are incorrectly answering the questions.

The Key Skills Learning System is a line of language arts and mathematics products known for appealing standards-based core curriculum exercises, differentiated instruction, and an easy-to-use management process, according to Sunburst's announcement. The Key Skills Learning System facilitates the identification of at-risk students and provides data needed for Title 1 funding. Teachers are able to assign activities, capture student performance, create diagnostic reports, demonstrate accountability and meet No Child Left Behind requirements using this award-winning integrated series of programs.

Source: Sunburst Technology,

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