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Sunburst Ships Key Skills For Reading and Phonics Package

Posted Mar 22, 2005
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Sunburst Technology announced today that it is shipping a new title in its Key Skills line of software that targets fundamental reading skills and provides an assessment and management tool for teachers. With Key Skills for Reading: Spelling and Phonics, students in grades 1 to 3 improve their spelling as they progress through a series of fun and engaging educational activities, according to the Sunburst announcement. Each activity focuses students on a specific skill, such as long vowel sounds, digraphs, or consonant clusters. Through a Teacher Management Tool, the program enables teachers to target, assess, and remediate the skills they need for their students.

Key Skills for Reading: Spelling and Phonics is designed for students to learn and practice common rules and patterns of spelling. Students develop their ability to decode phonics and apply it to spelling words correctly. This program addresses International Reading Association (IRA) and National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) standards for language arts, the announcement states.

Key Skills for Reading: Spelling and Phonics includes 15 leveled activities that complement a core reading curriculum. An enhanced Teacher Management Tool, included in this title, upgrades all Key Skills titles that are installed on a single computer or server. This Tool is a global assessment feature that integrates the content and student data from all Key Skills titles on the same computer or server. The newly enhanced Tool provides an easier-to-use management screen with a simplified "tree structure" approach for teachers to select activities. Teachers can also see a preview and description of each activity while they are making their selections.

On-screen help provides instructions to students who need assistance, and read-aloud options help young students follow text and instructions. The program also provides instant verbal and visual feedback to students as they answer questions, as well as a reward system for students to earn stickers when they answer questions correctly on the first try.

The Key Skills series was designed to give teachers the flexibility to buy only the skill sets they want and allow them to easily add new content as more Key Skills programs become available. Each activity in every title focuses on one specific skill, so that teachers to isolate the skills they want students to develop. Key Skills for Reading series content was developed based on skills found in national and major state standards. Other Key Skills for Reading titles include Key Skills: Letters and Words and Key Skills: Basic Word Concepts

Key Skills for Reading: Spelling and Phonics includes toll-free technical support, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time, every business day. For sales and ordering information, customers can call Sunburst at 800-321-7511, Educational Resources at 800-624-2926, or their local educational reseller. Information and online ordering for this title is also available at

Source: Sunburst Technology,

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