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Students Create and Study Flashcards with Free StudyBlue Mobile App

Posted Nov 15, 2011
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StudyBlue, a mobile and online study service for students, has announced the launch of the new and improved StudyBlue app for iPhone and Android devices. Students can now create flashcards on their smartphones with the free app, which offers the ability to snap and insert photos, as well as transcribe speech to text directly into their flashcards. View this demonstration video to see these new features in action.

Prior to this launch, students were able to study flashcards and class notes on their mobile devices through StudyBlue, but now students have the ability to make flashcards whenever and wherever they want. Students open the StudyBlue app, tap in what they want to know and a flashcard is born. As for images, students simply take a photo or choose one from their photo library and add it directly into their flashcard. For those who have an iPhone 4S with Siri, or speech-enabled Android device, a transcription feature places spoken words directly into flashcards.

The updated app offers the features described above, but the biggest advantage for students is the StudyBlue network, according to StudyBlue CEO Becky Splitt. "The technology associated with these new features is remarkable, and the ability to create and study flashcards anytime, anywhere matches modern students' lifestyles," Splitt said. "But the distinct advantage StudyBlue offers its users is immediate connections to additional content and students studying the same thing."  

Source: StudyBlue,

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