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Soliloquy Learning Launches Soliloquy Reading Assistant 4.0

Posted Oct 13, 2006
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Soliloquy Learning, Inc., has announced the release of Soliloquy Reading Assistant Version 4.0, an enhanced version of the company's signature reading program that combines advanced speech recognition technology with scientifically-based interventions to help elementary and secondary students strengthen their reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

The new developments in Soliloquy Reading Assistant 4.0 include:

 * Web Delivery - Soliloquy Reading Assistant will now be available for use online from any PC or Macintosh computer with Internet access, and will be maintained on secure Soliloquy Learning servers.
* Predictive Reporting - New reporting capabilities allow teachers and administrators to evaluate fluency scores, and to leverage Soliloquy Reading Assistant's extensive database to predict end of year fluency performance against national norms.
* Speech Recognition Enhancements - Improved acoustical models adapt uniquely to each individual after a short one-time read of a few sentences.
* English Language Learner (ELL) Support - Teachers have the option of enabling a Spanish dictionary for ELL students to view and hear vocabulary descriptions in Spanish.
* New Middle School and High School Content - Soliloquy Reading Assistant is now available with 149 science and social studies passages on topics prevalent on high stakes tests.
* Enhanced User Interface - Students are guided through proper learning processes, and motivated to read both more and better by Soliloquy Reading Assistant's unique PowerPoints reward system.

Soliloquy Reading Assistant works by having students read e-books into a computer using a standard headset and microphone. Through its proprietary speech-recognition technology, the program "listens" and recognizes when readers stumble or make mistakes on specific words. When a student struggles, the program assists him/her by reading the word clearly, meanwhile making records in the background for later review. When they do not know a word's meaning, students can simply click it to gain access to a context-sensitive definition, pronunciation, and photographic memory aid. As they read along, students can have Soliloquy Reading Assistant read the story to them or record and play back their own readings, while they accumulate PowerPoints which are earned for fast and accurate reading and correct answers to comprehension questions. These points are then logged into a users' account and can be incorporated into a rewards program in a classroom.

As a student progresses through Soliloquy Reading Assistant's e-books, the program builds comprehensive records of what each student has read, his/her speed and accuracy on each reading, and of the specific words and segments of text with which the student experienced difficulty. Comprehension questions are given during, and at the end of certain passages, to develop and test the student's ability to understand what he/she has just read. The program records each student's reading passages. These recordings can be accessed later by teachers, or sent home to parents as MP3 files.

Soliloquy Reading Assistant is available for students in grades 1-12, plus adult remedial reading programs. For elementary students (grades 1-6), reading content is drawn from children's stories, poems, and expository passages to build literature appreciation. For secondary students (6-12), content is drawn from science and social studies subjects required by many state standards.

Source: Soliloquy Learning, Inc.,

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