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Soliloquy 4.1 Available

Posted Nov 12, 2007
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Soliloquy Reading Assistant 4.1 updates the reading fluency program with easier software installation, support of Windows Vista, simplified reports that allow teachers to keep better track of student progress, and updated speech recognition software. New licensing options allow more simultaneous users in a school district and district license allocations to specific schools.

The program provides students with a one-to-one guided reading experience. The students read material onscreen, using a standard headset and microphone. Proprietary speech recognition technology enables the software to recognize when readers hesitate or make mistakes on specific words. When a student struggles, the program assists or corrects the reader by repeating the word clearly while creating a record for teacher review.

Additional program features include vocabulary assistance and comprehension questions. The program can “read” stories aloud to students; the modeled reading can be compared to student reading to help improve pronunciation and intonation.

Soliloquy Reading Assistant is available for students in grades 1-11 and for adult remedial reading programs. For grades 1-5, the reading content is drawn from children’s stories, poems and expository passages. For grades 5-11, the content is drawn from science and social studies subjects required by many state standards.

Soliloquy Learning, Inc.,


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