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Sokikom Launches New Shapescape Game

Posted Sep 28, 2011
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Sokikom has launched its fourth game - Shapescape. Appropriately named, the new game is designed to help kids in grades 1-6 build an understanding of geometry. Shapescape joins Sokikom's three other games: Frachine, which focuses on fractions, decimals and percents; Opirate, which emphasizes mathematic operations and algebra; and Treeching, which concentrates on the principles of measurement, algebra, patterns, time and money.

In keeping with the engaging animation of Sokikom's other games, Shapescape is hosted by an amusing shark, who is already winning rave reviews from kids who have previewed the game.

When students log on to Sokikom, they create an avatar and take a placement test. Then they are placed in a gaming level according to their abilities and quickly begin playing engaging games and solving real-life math problems.

Sokikom offers kids the ability to play individually or with a group. During individual game-play, kids go through a personalized math program that adapts to their abilities. If a student is stuck on a problem, the character, such as the friendly robot in Frachine, points them to a "help" button where the concept is reviewed. During team-based multiplayer games, students play together in real time and help each other complete math tasks. As they master levels, challenges and multiplayer games, they earn Soki-Coins, which they can use to purchase items online to dress their avatar.

For more information on how online games are helping children develop a love of math and build their math abilities, visit Sokikom's blog at

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