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Skyward Launches Student Reward System Integrated With its SIS Software

Posted Feb 21, 2013
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Skyward, Inc., a provider of K-12 school administrative software, is launching a Student Reward System that uses effective, motivational methods to connect positive, real-life behaviors with rewards provided through its online software. The Student Reward System is a free integrated feature of the Skyward Student Management Suite, the first student information system on the market with this functionality.

Within the system, students can assume a virtual identity, or avatar, and earn points for academic-related activities and game play. When students accumulate points, they are able to customize their avatar, advance to new levels within the system, and enjoy other incentives, including the ability to redeem "virtual" points to purchase items from their school store. Students are able to safely share their avatars and point totals with family members and peers in an engaging and positive online environment.

The reward system is fully customizable, enabling districts to rename the program under their own brands (e.g., "Panther Points") and to set reward parameters, point allotments and other system features to meet their needs. Educators can define point-earning opportunities, such as achieving a particular assignment score, improving their grades, meeting an attendance goal, or exhibiting other positive behaviors. Parents and teachers will be able to monitor their students' progress through the system, while school and district leaders can analyze data by school, grade or class to spot trends.

The Skyward Student Reward System harnesses effective gaming elements for educational purposes to foster motivation and positive academic outcomes. The use of game-based applications is accelerating across industries from healthcare to education as more organizations and individuals experience success. According to game designer and author Jane McGonigal, Ph.D., games instill desirable qualities, such as resiliency in the face of failure, curiosity, determination and optimism. And, bringing gaming elements, including emergent feedback, visual progression and collaboration, into schools can help learners gain these "gamer superpowers."

The system, which is in its final development stages, will be widely available at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year. In future product releases, Skyward plans to expand its platform and add educational games that supplement classroom lessons in partnership with game developers and providers.

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