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Skyward Launches Course Learning Center for Student Management Suite

Posted May 22, 2013
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Skyward has announced the release of its Course Learning Center, a new module that is fully integrated with its Student Management Suite. The Course Learning Center provides teachers and students with a simplified way to manage daily classroom activities and improve collaboration.

The growth of online and cloud-based applications in schools has increased IT administrators’ time while creating headaches for users with multiple logins and access points, leading many education leaders to seek a fully integrated solution that meets a wide range of needs.

The Course Learning Center helps teachers engage students and improve performance through a central hub for instructional management and communication. The new module streamlines teacher access to the tools they need, enabling them to manage course resources, classroom discussions, digital lockers, assessments and grades in one location. Students can access the center to upload assignments, get teacher feedback on their work, and participate in conversations through discussion boards. Teachers and students will access the module through their existing Skyward portal for greater convenience.

The center gives teachers complete control over instructional management, from sharing valuable content online, providing timely feedback to students, and distributing files online to students, and more. Students are able to access materials online, such as learning resources, teacher responses and study guides while also being able to submit files through their Digital Locker. Parents can access the center as well, helping them stay up-to-date on their children’s coursework, assignments, academic progress and other important information.

In addition to supporting course management, schools will also have the ability to use the Course Learning Center to manage their Professional Learning Communities (PLC). Teachers will be able to discuss instructional strategies and implementation with their colleagues, and share instructional content and resources.

For more information on the Skyward administrative software and IT consulting services for K-12 districts, visit

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