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Skyward Announces Test Bank Management Solution

Posted Feb 25, 2015
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Skyward has announced its new Test Bank Management Solution that supports in-district test bank management, collaboration among Skyward customers and integration with online test bank providers.

Test banks provide flexibility to create custom assessments at the district, school and classroom level. Educators can select questions that most appropriately reflect curriculum, student population and time of year the test is given. Questions created through Skyward’s Test Bank Management Solution align with state and Common Core State Standards for analytical reporting, and allow districts to secure those questions to only be used on summative assessments. Through the new management solution, administrators and educators can better measure student progress and improve individual growth.

Skyward will support integration with multiple test bank providers that support the Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) specification format. The QTI is a standard format for assessment content and results, supporting the exchange of material between authoring and delivery systems. It is designed to facilitate interoperability among systems, allowing assessment materials to be developed and delivered on systems interchangeably.

Skyward will launch its first test bank solution in July 2015.

Source: Skyward,

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