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Shmoop Launches Updated Guides to the AP Chemistry and Spanish Language and Culture Exams

Posted Oct 3, 2013
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Shmoop has announced the launch of newly updated teacher guides and student diagnostic and practice exams for two Advanced Placement exams: the AP Spanish Language and Culture and AP Chemistry exams.

Guide to the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam

Imagine a world where people only needed to know seven questions to get by in a Spanish-speaking country:

  • Where's the bathroom?

  • Can I have a fork?

  • I would like two apples.

  • This is her cat.

  • Where did the spider go?

  • Turn left and walk past the post office to arrive at the library.

  • Seriously, where's the bathroom?

If real life isn’t restricted to questions of the mundane and practical, exams shouldn’t be either, no? The College Board doesn’t think so either, which is why they’re introducing a new AP exam format for the Spanish Language and Culture exam. The updates include free response questions that focus on specific interpersonal and presentational communication skills so that students will actually be able to chat with real, native Spanish-speaking people in the not-so-distant future. The written section asks students to write an email and a persuasive essay, and the speaking section will require students to carry on a conversation and present on a cultural comparison...but don’t count on it to help you sound less awkward asking out that chica muy bonita.

The revamped AP Spanish Language and Culture exam features six course themes that range from technology to aesthetics. Students can bet that a selection about a family in a community will have something to do with the theme of la familias y las comunidades—and Shmoop is here to make sure they’re equipped with all the information they need to take that subject and run with it.

Guide to the AP Chemistry Exam

Since chemistry is really all about studying and understanding the building blocks of all materials on Earth and beyond, the AP exam is now focusing on laying down strong foundations in six guided inquiry investigations called “Big Ideas.” Gone are the days of memorizing exceptions to the Aufbau Principle and specific crystal structures. Instead, the exam is all about understanding chemistry—giving students the tools they need to solve problems and think about what is really happening in the lab.

As a complement to completing hands-on chemistry labs in the classroom, Shmoop’s AP Chemistry guide, drills, and practice exams will give students the practice they need to succeed.

Source: Shmoop,

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