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Shmoop Launches PSAT and SAT Test Prep

Posted Sep 1, 2010
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Shmoop has announced the launch of its online PSAT Test Prep service, available at $19 per student. Shmoop is almost certainly the only source for rigorous PSAT preparation that uses examples ranging from Mario Brothers to the history of Coca-Cola to "I am the Walrus," the announcement states. Shmoop also announced that it will donate 20 percent of its proceeds to student groups or Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) who promote its Online Test Prep services as a group fundraiser.

Shmoop Online PSAT Prep, by the numbers:
--43 References to Tetris and other old-school video games
--701 Practice Problems in PSAT Reading, Writing and Math
--3 full-length timed Practice Exams with interactive scoring
--47 In-Depth Review Topics
--10 Shmoop t-shirts awarded to students who rack up the most Shmoints by successfully completing Drills and Practice Exams
--Now available online at a price that all families can afford:
The details on the Shmoop Student Club Fundraiser:
--Shmoop will provide each organization that signs up a unique promotion code
--Each time that promotion code is used while purchasing Shmoop Test Prep services, Shmoop will credit that student organization for the sale
--For every $400 increment of sales credited to a student organization, Shmoop will write an $80 check to the organization

--More info at:

Source: Shmoop,

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