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Shmoop Launches Art History

Posted Mar 8, 2012
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Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, has announced the arrival of a new addition to its AP test guide family. The AP Art History guide breaks down what you can expect to see on the test, and delves deeply into all material on which you are likely to be quizzed.

In this guide, you will:
--Learn the difference between Rococo and Baroque. And Barococo, which isn't really a thing.
--Determine whether Renaissance babies really had creepily muscular triceps. Hey, maybe they just spent a lot of time on the crib press.
--Figure out how many arches is too many arches. We're looking at you, McDonalds.
--See why AP Art History is like your high school yearbook, except with more naked people. Hopefully.
--Finally discover the truth about what consumptive-looking men have to do with Romanticism. Because nothing says "sexy" like tuberculosis.

Ready to get your Post-Post-Modernist Hegelian Painterly Abstraction on? Then take a gander at Shmoop's AP Art History. It's true that this test is a toughie, but if you don't ace it the first time, you can always Gauguin.
Source: Shmoop,

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