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Shmoop Adds Online Photo Slideshows to Learning Guides

Posted May 26, 2010
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Shmoop has announced the addition of thousands of photos to enhance its online U.S. History, Civics, and Literature Learning Guides. Shmoop also made a slideshow widget available, so anyone can embed a miniature version of any Shmoop photo slideshow on their own website.

Shmoop has made photo slideshows available for:

All 60 U.S. History Learning Guides:

All 11 Civics Learning Guides:

43 of its Literature Learning Guides:

Highlights include:

Presidents Photos, which includes portraits of all 43 U.S. Presidents.

WWII Photos, which includes 50 photos from D-Day to war propaganda, to the bombing of Nagasaki.

Hamlet Photos, which includes paintings inspired by the play and portraits of famous stage actors who have taken on the play.

Source: Shmoop,

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