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Sebit LLC Announces Adaptive Curriculum

Posted Jan 25, 2008
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Sebit LLC has announced Adaptive Curriculum, an online library of interactive math and science activities that offers teachers an online environment supporting the entire learning and teaching process through standards-based math and science education.

Developed by Sebit, Adaptive Curriculum targets learning in math and science for students in the middle grades. The expanding online learning system contains more than 200 Math and Science Activity Objects. Similar to learning objects, Activity Objects package educational content in math and science as single-topic, interactive segments that can be used in a variety of learning environments. Adaptive Curriculum allows students to participate in virtual experiments, scientific inquiry exercises and problem-based learning that helps them gain the knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to excel in math and science.

To help teachers incorporate interactive content into their curriculum, Adaptive Curriculum also includes a flexible online environment, MyAdaptiveSpace, containing intuitive tools for managing instruction. Adaptive Curriculum offers teachers the ability to plan their lessons, assign Activity Objects to their students and track achievement through assessment reports.

Adaptive Curriculum Activity Objects may be adapted for various classroom scenarios. Teachers can use the interactive content as part of a classroom presentation with a projector or through an interactive whiteboard. Including both animation and interactive parts, Activity Objects can be paused to allow teachers to ask questions or to emphasize specific points during a presentation. Students can be encouraged to participate in the activities during a lesson by inviting them to complete an interaction on behalf of the class after a discussion. Activity Objects can also be given to students for homework or extra practice, or to challenge students with advanced skills. Teachers can assign activities to students based upon their needs and abilities, while drawing on valuable assessment data provided by embedded assessments and worksheets.

Adaptive Curriculum is offered on a subscription basis. Licenses for the entire online library start at $10 per student for the average middle school with 700 students, with flexible pricing plans available at the district level.


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