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Scientific Learning Announces MySciLEARN On Demand Platform

Posted Feb 21, 2012
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Scientific Learning Corp. has announced its new MySciLEARN on demand platform, giving students a quick way to access its educational software products anytime, anywhere. In addition, the platform provides a single access point for easy-to-use student gain reports and training resources, all designed to save time and maximize the effectiveness of administrators, teachers and reading coaches.

Scientific Learning launched the MySciLEARN web-based platform with the Fast ForWord program. Reading Assistant software will be available through the new portal this spring. Using the on demand platform, schools can access all levels of the Fast ForWord Language series, Fast ForWord Reading series, and Fast ForWord Literacy series, and will soon be able to access all of the current Reading Assistant content pack collections from kindergarten through grade 12. When available on the MySciLEARN platform, Reading Assistant will be a personalized reading tutor available to any student, on demand. With Reading Assistant, students receive individualized reading coaching every time they use the program, through real-time corrective feedback enabled by patented speech-recognition technology.

Schools can use the MySciLEARN web-based platform to rapidly deploy the software programs and get up and running quickly. It is scalable for any size district and supports a variety of implementations, from one student to thousands of students in classrooms, before- and after-school programs, and at home. To accelerate the impact of the software, the MySciLEARN portal includes a new SciLearnU training site, with self-paced training programs, instructional resources and tools to enhance educators' daily practice.

The MySciLEARN platform also offers new performance reports at the district, school, group, and individual student levels to improve data-driven decision making. Enhanced report designs feature graphical depictions of trends, at-a-glance data summaries, and icons highlighting both good and poor performance. In addition, a new auto-assign tool can automatically place each student in the appropriate Fast ForWord product, which saves time and allows teachers and coaches to provide more individual focus on students.

Source: Scientific Learning Corp.,

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