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Scientific Learning Announces Reading Assistant Auto Initial Assignment

Posted Nov 8, 2013
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Scientific Learning Corp. has announced a new Reading Assistant tool that quickly and accurately assesses students, and automatically places them in the most appropriate content library and starting point in the online program. Reading Assistant is a program that uses speech recognition to correct and support students as they read aloud, building fluency and comprehension with the help of a supportive listener.

Delivered on the MySciLEARN online platform, the Reading Assistant Auto Initial Assignment tool automates the entire student assignment process, allowing educators to spend more time working directly with students, and for students to maximize their time in the program. As soon as a student is added to the system, the tool automatically assesses the student’s reading level by administering a Reading Progress Indicator (RPI) assessment, and uses the results to place the student at the appropriate starting point in one of the four content libraries based on the student’s grade level.

With Reading Assistant, students can improve their reading grade level up to 50 percent more than students receiving classroom instruction alone, according to the announcement. Reading Assistant uses the power of speech recognition technology to “listen” to students as they read aloud, providing feedback at just the right time. It features more than 300 pieces of content at a range of reading levels, and includes non-fiction and fictional texts. Students of diverse ages and abilities can benefit from the program, including K-6 readers, English language learners, and struggling readers in middle and high school.

Source: Scientific Learning Corp.,

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