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School Specialty’s uLog Data Collection Devices Support STEM Education

Posted Jan 24, 2012
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Frey Scientific, a division of School Specialty, is furthering its support for STEM education with its uLog USB Data Collection devices. With these dataloggers, Frey Scientific offers a way to collect data without barriers or expensive logging devices. uLog sensors are an all-in-one solution for classroom data collection.

Using uLog sensors, students tap into the power of existing classroom computers to track scientific data such as pH, light, sound, temperature, distance and motion.  A breadth of sensors is available - more than 40 - to capture and measure this data. With the device's SensorLab Data Analysis software, students can track and graph data on their computer in real time using a program such as Microsoft Word or Excel.  Students' observations about the natural world are immediate and engaging, furthering their interest in scientific analysis and reporting.

Frey's uLog Sensor Reference Guide provides teachers with a wide range of resources, including STEM-based investigation activities and guidance on integrating technology into the science laboratory curriculum. This special guide helps educators understand the uLog sensor technology they're introducing to their students.

uLog Sensors feature:

* A 5-foot cable that allows students to place the computer at a safe distance from lab work

* Built-in cable storage that keeps workspaces clear and makes uLog easy to store.

* Sensors that lock together for ease of handling and safer storage.

* A multicolor LED that matches the sensor with graph trace.

* The ability to control logging from the sensor or computer.

* SensorLab software that auto detects sensor type and units when plugged in.

* Device can be free-standing, handheld or mounted on a ringstand.

* Durable plastic housing that is splash proof for use in labs.

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Source: School Specialty

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