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School Specialty and Curriculum Concepts International Launch ‘Everyday Learning Fun’ Early Reading Program

Posted Mar 18, 2013
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School Specialty, Inc. has partnered with Curriculum Concepts International to introduce Everyday Learning Fun, an early reading and prevention program. Everyday Learning Fun is a systematic, comprehensive program that teaches preK-2 students core reading skills shown to be critical for students’ success across subject areas, throughout grade levels and beyond academics.

Everyday Learning Fun integrates instruction (aligned with Common Core State Standards) with student guidance, immediate, non-judgmental feedback, and unlimited repetition. On each page a wealth of information, including answers and audio models, is embedded and can be assessed whenever needed by the digital pen. The individualized instruction means students can learn at their own pace, and teachers can track progress through placement assessments, progress monitoring and pre-post level assessments. With a rising contingent of English-language learners in classrooms, Everyday Learning Fun provides illustrations and audio models that reinforce the connection between the meaning of a word and how it is written and spoken. For example, Spanish-speaking parents can hear an explanation of any page in their native language, a feature designed to strengthen the parental involvement so crucial to young students’ success.

Everyday Learning Fun consists of the digital pen, three learning levels with 10 books in each kit, and a fourth “Welcome to School” kit, which can be added to any level. Each book is broken down into three segments – before, during and after reading – for easy skill acquisition. Everyday Learning Fun is the first product to be offered jointly by Premier, a division of School Specialty, and Curriculum Concepts International. For more information about Everyday Learning Fun, visit

Source: School Specialty, Inc.,

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