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School Specialty Introduces Three New Reading Intervention Systems

Posted Apr 21, 2010
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School Specialty has introduced its new intervention systems for closing the achievement gap in reading. Combining its intervention software program, the Academy of READING, with print intervention tools, the company has launched three targeted solutions to help build reading skills for life.

School Specialty's new intervention systems' blended media model combines teacher-led instruction with data-driven, online learning and assessment to address students' reading intervention needs. Each provides in-depth instruction for struggling readers in phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary and fluency, coupled with writing practice. The systems include on-site professional development to help teachers begin program implementation and personalize instruction for their students. In addition, follow-up visits are included to ensure that teachers receive the support they need.

The Academy of READING, an intervention software solution that helps struggling students achieve gains in reading, forms the foundation for the personalized instruction for the new intervention systems, designed specifically for grades 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Developed based on research and tested in elementary, middle and high schools, Academy of READING uses an instructional model designed to build strong roots in the five areas outlined by the National Reading Panel. Targeting the skill gaps of at-risk learners, the Academy of READING provides intensive instruction and practice, while the platform's technology adapts to their unique learning patterns.

For the 3-5 Intervention System, the company combined the Academy of READING with Making Connections, a teacher-led comprehension program that develops the essential skills and strategies recommended by the National Reading Panel, and reinforces them in a spiraling curriculum format.

School Specialty's 6-8 Intervention System pairs the Academy of READING with MCI (Making Connections Intervention), which provides targeted literacy intervention for students reading up to three grades below level. At the heart of the program is explicit and direct comprehension instruction. Vocabulary, fluency and writing practice are woven through each unit to ensure struggling readers build the skills needed to achieve grade-level proficiency.

The 9-12 Intervention System also combines the Academy of READING with MCI, but features an implementation guide and professional development targeted specifically to help teachers provide students with intensive intervention and pacing required for struggling readers in high school. In addition, strategies for grouping students, pacing and differentiating instruction are included.

More information about the new Intervention Systems from School Specialty is available at

Source: School Specialty,

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