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School Loop Introduces Student Tracker

Posted Aug 24, 2010
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School Loop has introduced Student Tracker, a system for identifying students who need support and creating a call to action for their education teams.

With Student Tracker, a principal can search 9th graders for struggling students who are trending up in grades, then send an email on the fly to all of their teachers, parents and counselors, save the list in a group to stay on top of their progress, and promote the list to the students' teachers until each student is out of risk.

Administrators and teachers can now create communication groups for every student, or groups of students, with School Loop's Student Tracker. This tool allows everyone involved in a student's education to monitor that student's academic performance, communicate on student issues and successes, and ensure that appropriate steps are being taken to keep a student on track with his or her academic and social/emotional performance.

School Loop, which offers K-12 web hosting and school-to-home communication services, created the Student Tracker to assist educators with tracking a student, or group of students, in order to effectively manage interventions. Administrative roles within the School Loop system can set up high priority groups and members appear on their teachers' School Loop Dashboard.

School Loop users can create a variety of trackers to meet their needs. The Personal Tracker can only be viewed by the creator and allows the creator to be added to the student's learning management team; the School-wide Tracker is available for all users with access to the system; and the High Priority Tracker allows administrators to create high priority groups that automatically get added to teachers' Dashboards. When educators track a student, they become part of that student's team. They are included on all communications sent to the entire team. From the Student Record, educators can also address a message to any or all of the members of a student's Team. Parents and students can access team members and communicate with them in one click.

Student data can be filtered by performance criteria in order to pinpoint students in need of attention. These filters monitor number of zeroes, chronic absences, grades and grade trends. All trackers display each student's name, ID number, grade level, percentage average of published courses, total number of zeros for assignments, and the total number of teacher-published grades.

A full list of School Loop products is available at

Source: School Loop,

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