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School Improvement Network Announces Upgrades to Observation 360

Posted Jul 11, 2012
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School Improvement Network has announced that Observation 360, one of the tools in the newly released Teacher Effectiveness System, has received a new set of features to address the changing needs of administrators and help get students college and career ready.

Observation 360 provides a number of key benefits that make this happen:

  • Create personalized professional development plans for each teacher in your system, thanks to Observation 360's seamless integration with thousands of on-demand professional development videos, tools, resources, and communities

  • A workflow management system that allows administrators to easily view and track dozens or hundreds of teachers' professional development plans, charting their progress using a simple, intuitive interface

  • Complete integration with any teaching framework (Harvey Silver, Charlotte Danielson, Robert Marzano, etc.)

  • Multi-measure reports that help instructional leaders track teachers' progress

  • Paperless mobility with functionality on Apple, Android, and PC

  • Year-end reports automatically compiled when observations are completed

  • Accurate evaluations thanks to weighted rubrics to help identify essential classroom functions

The newly updated Observation 360 will be available for purchase before fall, 2012. Current licensed Observation 360 users will be migrated to it beginning July 11th.

Source: School Improvement Network,

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