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School Improvement Network Announces LiveBook

Posted Mar 7, 2012
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PD producer School Improvement Network (SINET) has announced the May 1, 2012 release of LiveBook, a new online professional development tool.

LiveBooks are similar to ebooks in that they are published online and available digitally to readers. However, rather than a single, concluded piece of work, LiveBooks can be updated by their authors at any time, with revisions and additional chapters instantly added to the existing book. LiveBook readers can interact with each other and the author, sharing ideas, notes, and even influencing the development of the book.

School Improvement Network is developing a library of LiveBooks, which will be published in coming months and years. The first of these, Mapping to the Core by Heidi Hayes Jacobs, will be released along with the online professional development LiveBook platform on May 1, 2012. To learn more about LiveBook and School Improvement Network, visit To sign up for a free 30-day trial of SINET's professional development platform, PD 360, visit

Source: School Improvement Network,

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