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Scholastic Education Releases Upgraded, New Editions of WiggleWorks

Posted Aug 11, 2008
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Scholastic has announced that WiggleWorks, its technology-based early reading program, has been re-released with new content and powerful technology upgrades.


WiggleWorks, a supplemental, educational technology program for Pre-K-3rd grade students, uses leveled, interactive ebooks, reading and writing activities, and explicit instruction proven through research to develop motivated, proficient readers.


The upgrades make WiggleWorks compatible with Microsoft Vista and Mac OS X operating systems. The new WiggleWorks is now available in two editions designed specifically for grade Pre-K-1 and grade 2-3 classrooms.


WiggleWorks students can have any of the program’s 84 leveled ebooks (24 are also available in Spanish) read aloud on the computer, or they can record themselves reading the stories and then play back the stories in their own voice. The new WiggleWorks also lets students write and draw responses to what they’ve read, create their own versions of the story, and play phonics games. It includes a built-in classroom management system that lets teachers customize lessons and activities for their class. Teachers can also track individual students’ progress, monitor time spent on the software, modify program options for groups or individual students and record messages to the class.

Source: Scholastic Corporation,

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