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Savia Announces Rewrite of Analytics Software to Integrate with Viewpoint

Posted Nov 27, 2006
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Savia, LLC., a provider of information management technologies for K-12 districts and schools (See An Update on the New Sagebrush Corporation—Savia LLC), has announced a complete rewrite of its Analytics software to provide seamless integration with Viewpoint, a data warehouse and data management system. This rewrite provides one easy to use system that optimizes performance and provides better overall administration functions and data security, according to the announcement.

Sagebrush Viewpoint is a data warehouse and data management system that includes a fully integrated suite of data analysis and reporting tools. With the rewrite, Analytics has been written to work with multiple browsers on both Mac and PC platforms, provide simple drag and drop reporting mechanisms, all with the easy-to-use interface found in Viewpoint. Educators and administrators are able to access, analyze, print, and share student information as well as instantly aggregate and disaggregate data on groups and subgroups based on variables, including demographics and test results via a guided Q & A format and at-a-glance reports.

In an effort to continue evolving to meet educators' needs for access to data to drive instruction, Viewpoint Analytics has added new and improved functionality to the user interface including filtering, column sorting, and the ability to expand and collapse cell structure. All reports now reside in one reports menu. Educators can also filter data to create and save flexible groups of students to better track student achievement.

Administrators now have the capacity to save, print, and export reports, as well as to publish reports to users of Viewpoint based on their role. Administrators can add a user once and populate all aspects of the system, easily maintain a user's role within the system, create customized report configurations and set-up, and test metadata configurations. Administrators can also customize cube registration, define cube hierarchy and measures exceptions by role, and configure cube-mapping functions.

Source: Savia, LLC, contact: Karen Mortensen,

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