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Sagebrush Education Resources Announces State Standards Alignments

Posted Sep 16, 2005
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Sagebrush Education Resources has announced that its online bookstore,, now offers titles aligned to state curriculum standards in all 50 states for the core subject areas of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Within those core subject areas, state standards alignments are offered for both nonfiction and fiction, providing educators with a broader selection of titles to use in their classrooms and lesson plans. By aligning titles to state curriculum standards, Sagebrush reinforces the library's role in the instructional planning process and provides the ability to respond to administration mandates on curriculum support, according to the announcement.

Sagebrush's titles are dynamically aligned to the specific standards of each state. Users can find aligned titles three different ways: 1) drilling down from the state standard into the lowest, most-finely detailed benchmark of a standard, 2) drilling up from an individual book listing, or 3) using curriculum search to define specific search criteria up front, in addition to grade level, price, binding type, interest level, reading program, and more. All applicable state standards from 1995-2005 in the four core areas are available online in full text format and include the most current copyrights as well as classic titles.

For more information on Sagebrush's state standards alignments, visit

Source: Sagebrush Corporation,

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