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Sagebrush Announces Pinpoint v2.0, Upgraded Integrated Search Tool

Posted Dec 7, 2005
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Sagebrush Corporation has announced an upgrade to their integrated research tool, Sagebrush Pinpoint. Pinpoint helps students access and use the best district resources for learning by gathering, evaluating, ranking, and reporting the most relevant results (as defined by the district) from multiple sources simultaneously. These sources include libraries, subscription databases, and the Web.

With the release of v2.0, Pinpoint users can search multiple libraries within a system and view results in a user-friendly format available in multiple languages.

Pinpoint enhancements in version 2.0 include:

* Streamlined and modernized server software - Pinpoint now installs with a standard InstallShield and runs as a Windows service, making it easier for users to operate and maintain.
* Virtual union compatibility - Users can search multiple Sagebrush Spectrum, Sagebrush Athena, and Sagebrush InfoCentre libraries, as well as libraries running non-Sagebrush systems, with a single search.
* Improved user interface - The new interface is more intuitive, more consistent with the other Sagebrush library products, including Sagebrush Accent and InfoCentre, allowing for seamless integration.
* Redesigned Search Results page - Users can scroll through the list of found titles (Results list, Full Title page, My List, etc.) while buttons and other navigation controls remain stationary and accessible.
* Dynamic online help - The new Movie button (found next to the Help button) launches a three-minute video introduction to Pinpoint to help students begin to use Pinpoint immediately and effectively.

Additional information on Sagebrush Pinpoint is available by visiting

Source: Sagebrush Corporation,

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