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SafetyWeb Launches Internet Safety Subscription Service

Posted May 12, 2010
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SafetyWeb has launched an internet safety subscription service,, designed to help parents protect their children online by monitoring the web for red flags in their kids' and teens' online activity. SafetyWeb scours the web for publicly available information about what their kids are doing and saying online.

SafetyWeb also helps parents deal with cyber bullying by providing tools to respond when the service finds potential threats occurring online against their child. Parents have around-the-clock access to reports and immediate alerts when inappropriate behavior is detected, giving families an opportunity to intervene.

According to the announcement, SafetyWeb aids in safeguarding kids' and teens' online activity by:

  • Scouring the web for risky activity, including making parents aware of the videos and photos their kids are sharing publicly, cyber-bullying, potential internet addiction and more.
  • Notifying parents when their kids loosen their privacy settings on social networks and when their kids make positive choices about their privacy online.
  • Flagging postings of questionable content that could harm their kids' future.

Source: SafetyWeb, Inc.,

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