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Safari Books Online Launches Free Global iPad App

Posted Nov 22, 2010
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Safari Books Online has announced that it is offering a free app for Apple's iPad which allows subscribers of Safari Books Online to view book content in their library. Subscribers will also be able to view content offline. The free app, called Safari To Go, is available for download now at Apple's iTunes App Store [itms://]. 

Safari Books Online, which is already available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry and Android smartphones on its mobile site,, built the new Safari To Go app from the ground up specifically to leverage iPad capabilities such as pinch-to-zoom and drag and drop functions.

The Safari To Go iPad app includes:

*  Search technology to help users find exactly what they need by searching the vast collection of  books and articles available 

*  Search within the content of a book to pinpoint specific information quickly.

*  Sign up for trials and subscriptions from the application

*  Access the sample content of each book (for non subscribers)

*  Gain access to folders and notes with tagging and bookmarking of book content synchronized between the app and the full website

*  Cache book content to the iPad for offline reading

*  Navigate quickly and easily via a simplified, touch screen interface, optimized for iPad users and designed to allow users to quickly start where they left off and spend more time reading and less time searching

Source: Safari Books Online,

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