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SRA/McGraw-Hill Upgrades TechKnowledge

Posted Sep 15, 2006
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The latest edition of TechKnowledge, the online interactive technology literacy program for students in PreK-6th grade, offers a variety of new features.

The upgrade streamlines teacher administration tasks. As students are promoted to the next grade level, TechKnowledge saves progress data from the previous year. In addition, the curriculum enrollment and student management processes have been simplified.

Among the new or enhanced features are: simplified teacher/class relationships, batch processing of end-of-year student promotion, access to historical progress data, updated tools that simplify changes to student groups, enhanced class progress reports, and progress reports correlated to curriculum standards. The program's User Guides have been updated to show the best ways to access these features.

TechKnowledge is designed to help students learn about computer basics, keyboarding, word processing, drawing and graphics, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, electronic references, and the Internet.

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