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SRA/McGraw-Hill Launches New Edition of Reading Intervention Program

Posted Jul 25, 2007
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For students who need extra reading and language arts intervention in Grades K-8, SRA/McGraw-Hill now offers a new, extended edition of Kaleidoscope, a comprehensive program originally launched in 2003 for Grades 2-6.

SRA Kaleidoscope is designed to prevent struggling readers in Grades K-1 from falling behind and to bring Grades 2-8 students performing two or more years behind up to grade level. This effective, research-based program meets the Response to Intervention (RtI) requirements of the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Kaleidoscope condenses the essence of SRA's latest basal reading and language arts program, Imagine It! It is designed to deliver two years of instruction in a single year. It can be used with other basal programs as well.

Daily lessons address each of the five critical areas of reading:

 -- Phonemic Awareness
 -- Phonics
 -- Fluency
 -- Vocabulary
 -- Comprehension

In addition, Kaleidoscope provides targeted instruction in decoding, word study, dictation, grammar, mechanics, writing, and spelling.

The program offers everything a teacher needs to teach while building student engagement, motivation, and accomplishment, according to the announcement. This includes:

 -- An Intervention Package that contains all core teacher materials
 including Teacher Editions, Blackline Masters, Annotated Teacher Editions and many more teacher components
 -- Themed lessons
 -- Differentiated instruction
 -- Integrated technology
 -- Assessment
 -- Hard cover Student Readers with high interest, lower readability reading selections
 -- Leveled Readers for Intervention for additional practice in fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension

Research has demonstrated consistent success in schools using the previous edition of SRA Kaleidoscope to bring struggling readers up to grade level. For example, Lawton Chiles Elementary School in Gainesville, Fla., showed positive results. On tests measuring words read per minute, students gained an average of 24.5 words, the announcement states.

Source: SRA/McGraw-Hill,

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