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SMART Releases Major Upgrade to SMART Board Software for Mac

Posted Jan 10, 2006
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SMART Technologies, Inc., has announced the launch of SMART Board software 9.5 for the Mac OS X operating system. Version 9.5 introduces new features to help educators create, organize, and implement interactive lessons using the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. New features include a Gallery keyword search, audio and video support, and more curriculum-based content.

The new Gallery keyword search helps teachers quickly find content. Content including images, audio, video, Macromedia Flash and Notebook files can be organized and stored in the Gallery. The Gallery has expanded to include My Content, which is a personal workspace; SMART Gallery content, which can be shared on a school network; and an online resource section, allowing teachers to make the most of Internet resources, either their own or SMART's. Version 9.5 is a free upgrade for SMART Board interactive whiteboard customers.

SMART Board software 9.5 also features thousands of objects in the Gallery, including over 500 new images, backgrounds, audio, video and Flash files. It also contains digital content from content providers, including Intel Skoool, Espresso Education, and Daydream Education.

New features include the following:

Notebook software

-Gallery search: Teachers can find content by using the keyword search or browsing through the content file structure.
-Online resources: Teachers can access SMART-hosted lesson activities, curriculum standards, and online classroom resources, or any online content through the Gallery.
-Video and audio support: Teachers can integrate video and audio files into Notebook software lesson activities. Like other objects in Notebook software, videos can be resized, rotated, written over, and stored in the Gallery. Audio files can be attached to objects or can be objects themselves.
-Linking: Teachers can create nonlinear lessons by linking objects to pages in a Notebook file, a URL, an attached document, or any document on the hard drive.
-Locking: Objects can be locked in three ways. They can be locked in place, locked so they can be moved but not edited, or locked so they can be rotated and moved, but not edited.
-Customizable toolbar: Icons can be added to or removed from the Notebook software toolbar.
-Improved text support: Subscript, superscript, and scientific symbols are now supported in Notebook software. Text can also be added to shapes.
-Mirror objects: Objects can be flipped horizontally and vertically.
-Gallery learning objects: The Gallery includes thousands of objects, including over 500 new images, audio, video, Flash, and Notebook software lesson activities.

SMART Board Tools

-Freehand Screen Capture: Teachers can outline and capture any shape or part of the screen with the Screen Capture tool.
-Improved Screen Shade: Information can be concealed and revealed point by point by dragging the Screen Shade - up or down, left or right - directly over the Notebook page, desktop or any application. The Screen Shade can also be set on each Notebook page.
-Improved Spotlight tool: Teachers can now modify the Spotlight to virtually any shape.

Version 9.5 continues to provide take-home privileges, giving all teachers and students access to the SMART Board software features necessary to work on SMART Board software files outside the classroom.

SMART Board software 9.5 for the Mac OS X operating system will be available in March 2006. SMART customers will be able to obtain a free download at SMART Board software 9.5 will be included with all new orders of SMART Board interactive whiteboards and Sympodium interactive pen displays.

Source: SMART Technologies, Inc.,

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