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SMART Launches Database of K–12 Lesson Activities Correlated to State Standards

Posted Oct 14, 2005
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SMART Technologies, Inc. has announced the immediate availability of its new searchable database of interactive K-12 lesson activities correlated to U.S. state standards. It is the first searchable database of lesson activities for interactive whiteboards, according to the SMART announcement. The standards-based activities are organized by state, subject area, grade level, and keyword for searching on SMART's new Web site for educators at

The content, developed by teachers from SMART and around the world, is available at no charge for immediate classroom use with SMART products. SMART will continue to expand the database with more lesson activities and teaching resources for educators using SMART Board interactive whiteboards and SMART interactive pen displays.

The lesson activities are fully editable, allowing teachers to add to the material or customize them for their specific needs. Created in Notebook whiteboarding software, the content caters to all grade levels and covers a wide range of subjects, including language arts, math, science, social studies, health, physical education, and world languages. For example, fifth grade math teachers can use a hands-on activity called "Measures of Central Tendency" to engage students in computing mean, median, and mode. Sixth grade teachers can use an activity entitled "Solids, Liquids and Gases," which includes a virtual simulation where students can observe changes in the state of water molecules as different amounts of heat are applied.

Source: SMART Technologies, Inc.,

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