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SIIA Announces Innovation Incubator Award Winners

Posted May 28, 2010
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The Education Division of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) showcased some of the leading growth companies in the education technology market and recognized the best among them as part of the Innovation Incubator Program at its annual Ed Tech Industry Summit, held recently in San Francisco.

Focusing on how critical innovation is to the future of the education industry, the SIIA Education Division narrowed the list of 28 applicants to 10 finalists and two alternates:

- edtech systems for buildmytest

- Follett Software Company for Cognite

- ConnectYard, Inc. for ConnectYard

- DynamicBooks for DynamicBooks

- Livemocha for Livemocha Active English

- Whizz Education, Inc. for Math-Whizz Tutoring Plus

- Emantras, Inc. for Mobl21

- Lightspeed Systems for My Big Campus

- Turning Technologies LLC for Progress Monitoring Bundle

- Impact Education for SkillsTutor Mobile

- Monarch Teaching Technologies for VizZle (alternate)

- for Web-Based Learning (alternate)

The participants were highlighted through Business Profile presentations, as well as the Innovation Showcase & Networking Reception, during the Ed Tech Industry Summit.  During the event, they received industry-wide recognition, peer-to-peer mentorship and access to hand-selected prospects for partnership, acquisition, financing, and veteran advice.  SIIA continued to highlight participants in the Innovation Incubator Program during a special awards ceremony, where four awards were given:

The "Most Innovative Education Product or Service" award was given to:

- Emantras, Inc. for Mobl21

- Livemocha for Livemocha Active English (runner-up).

The "Most Likely to Succeed in the Education Market" award was given to:

- Impact Education for SkillsTutor Mobile

- Livemocha for Livemocha Active English (runner-up).

The Innovation Incubator Program connects the developers of promising, new technologies with industry leaders, potential investors and established organizations seeking partnerships or prospects for acquisition.  The program is open to applicants from academic and non-profit institutions, pre-revenue and early-stage companies, and long-standing companies with newly developed technologies.

Applicants were assessed based on key selection criteria, including alignment to the conference's theme, "Going Mobile and Global," and SIIA's Vision K-20 Benchmarks.

Source: The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA),

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