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SETDA Report Highlights Best Practices Around the Country for Driving Broadband Connectivity and Access for Students

Posted Apr 4, 2016
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SETDA and Common Sense Kids Action have released a new report, State K-12 Broadband Leadership: Driving Connectivity and Access. This report ( highlights the powerful impact of state leadership in driving critical policy decisions at the national and state level to support broadband networks, bandwidth capacity, and wifi implementation and home access for low-income families. Educators, policy makers and the private sector will benefit from organized and accessible information regarding states’ broadband and wifi implementation. The work includes examples of states providing leadership for effective and efficient broadband and wifi implementation and is organized into the following categories: K-12 Broadband and Wi-Fi Connectivity, State Leadership for Infrastructure, State Broadband Implementation Highlights and State Advocacy for Federal Support of Broadband.

SETDA and Common Sense have a track record for advocating for the importance of high-speed broadband access for students both in and outside of school to prepare today’s students for college and career and to compete in a global economy. In 2015, SETDA and Common Sense released the E-rate Modernization Toolkit to encourage states and districts to leverage the modernized E-rate program.

To learn more, register for the public webinar, Driving Connectivity and Access: State K-12 Broadband Leadership, Monday, April 11, 2016 3:00 PM ET (

Source: SETDA,

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