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SETDA Releases 2012 National Trends Report

Posted Jul 26, 2012
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The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) has released its ninth annual National Educational Technology Trends Report, "State Leadership Empowers Educators, Transforms Teaching and Learning." The report includes dozens of examples of quality learning programs that leverage technology, including details regarding implementation of the federal Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) State Grants Program for FY 2010 and under the America Recovery and Restoration Act (ARRA).

The examples of innovative use of technology in the report fall into four strategies for preparing students for college and careers, and the report challenges education leaders to focus on these strategies in the future:

  • Providing Innovative Learning Models that enable students to have greater access to resources, classes and experts and enable meaningful, personalized learning experience both inside and outside of school.

  • Ensuring Infrastructures for Learning, including technology and data systems and content standards that are interoperable, and tightly aligned with assessments.

  • Ensuring Educator Effectiveness through online communities of practice, mentoring and coaching, and online resources and programs.

  • Providing College and Career Preparation through programs for all students including those who have not been successful in traditional schooling as well as those striving for graduate work and professional careers.

The national report is available online at

Source: State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA),

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