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SAS Curriculum Pathways Now Available to All netTrekker Subscribers

Posted Dec 3, 2013
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Knovation has announced that it has expanded its collaboration with SAS Curriculum Pathways. Already available to Knovation’s icurio subscribers, SAS’ extensive interactive curriculum product, SAS Curriculum Pathways, will now be available via netTrekker, Knovation’s flagship solution that delivers the industry-leading digital resource library, the announcement states. Available at no cost, SAS Curriculum Pathways provides interactive, standards-based resources featuring hundreds of interactive tools, inquiries, web lessons and audio tutorials in every core subject for traditional, virtual and home schools.

With the addition of SAS Curriculum Pathways, netTrekker subscribers will gain access to a greater depth and breadth of interactive content, through a single point of access. SAS Curriculum Pathways focuses on topics where doing, seeing and listening provide information and encourage insights in ways conventional methods cannot. Aligned to state and Common Core standards, SAS Curriculum Pathways targets higher-order thinking skills and engages students with quality content that can be differentiated to meet their varied needs.

netTrekker delivers more than 330,000 curated, contextualized, standards-aligned learning resources for every grade and subject, including images, videos, lesson plans, primary source documents, learning games and more. netTrekker is designed to support instructional strategies centered on areas including Common Core, in-class instruction, homework, research, project-based learning, remediation and enrichment. Since 2000, netTrekker has had a positive impact on more than 1 million teachers and 27 million students in the U.S.

Available at no cost to all U.S. educators, SAS Curriculum Pathways features over 200 Interactive Tools, 200 Inquiries, 600 Web and Tool-Based Lessons, and 70 Audio Tutorials. With that content, netTrekker will now have an even broader variety of instructional strategies as well as supplemental curriculum resources to augment existing curriculum. Using personalized learning tools such as the Read Aloud text-to-speech feature for auditory support and the dictionary/translation tool, netTrekker enables students to become independent learners, improve comprehension and attain a higher level of success, according to the announcement.

Source: Knovation,

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