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Riverdeep Launches Destination Reading for Grades 4-8

Posted Jan 25, 2006
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Riverdeep has announced the launch of new instructional courseware specially designed for older students in the "tween" years—Destination Reading Course III for grades 4-6 and Destination Reading Course IV for grades 6-8.

The new courseware is designed to be appealing, interactive, and engaging to capture and keep the attention of media-savvy adolescents who are often exposed to a wide array of technology products, according to the announcement. Relevant, real-world connections, enhanced graphics, and modern music are incorporated into the new courseware to help build understanding and comprehension, particularly among struggling readers.

Destination Reading Courses III and IV engage learners with individualized, media-rich content and cross-curricular connections in science, social studies, math, language arts, technology, and performing arts, the announcement states.

 As a part of Riverdeep's Destination Success solution, Destination Reading combines content correlated to state standards with learning management tools that allow educators to target each student's individual learning needs. It is also supported with customized professional development offerings including on-site and online training, technical support, and funding services.

Source: Riverdeep Inc.,

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