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Riverdeep Extends Destination Reading To Grades 4 - 8 And Beyond

Posted May 9, 2005
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Riverdeep has announced three new products that extend its Destination Reading courseware to grades 4 through 8 and beyond. Announced at the 2005 International Reading Association Convention in San Antonio, the products are Destination Reading Course III for grades 4-6, Course IV for grades 6-8, and Course V, which is a high-school-appropriate Proficiency Course for students who have not mastered the foundational reading skills. Destination Reading lets teachers in elementary, middle, and high school link their state standards to individualized instruction, producing stronger readers and improved standardized test scores, according to Riverdeep. The new offerings complement Destination Reading for PreK-3.

As a part of the Destination Success solution, Destination Reading combines content correlated to state standards with learning management tools designed to allow educators to target each student's individual learning needs. It is also supported with customized professional development offerings including on-site and online training, technical support, and funding services.

Each of the new Destination Reading courses support explicit instruction in standards-mandated skills and strategies with a focus on vocabulary and comprehension. Texts used in the courses cover a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres, including informational, persuasive, and technical texts, as well as stories, plays, folk tales, poetry, and songs. The courses allow students to apply their reading skills across the curriculum in subjects such as science, social studies, math, technology, art, and literature.

The courseware is based on the requirements outlined in the National Reading Panel and the Alliance for Excellent Education's Reading Next report. It was designed in consultation with experts such as Dr. Victoria Purcell-Gates, President-Elect of the National Reading Conference and the newest inductee to the Reading Hall of Fame.

Source: Riverdeep, Inc.,

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