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Raptors in the City: An Online Falcon Study Project

Posted Jan 27, 2006
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The Raptors in the City program resumes in February with the start of the nesting season of the Peregrine Falcon. Nearly extinct 30 years ago, the falcon was removed from the Endangered Species List in 1999.

This real-time inquiry-based science and technology curriculum for grades 4-6 provides a live online look at the daily life of a pair of the falcons throughout their nesting season (roughly February to June), via cameras mounted on Cleveland skyscrapers.

A free "Falcon Flash" e-newsletter partners the video material with expert commentary on the falcons' nesting behavior.

The program curriculum supports one semester of study. The materials provide environmental, biology, and technology lessons and research projects tied to national science and technology standards.

A set of curriculum materials is available at a cost of $50 per classroom, print or CD-ROM version. A Mentor's Materials Kit, priced at $10, includes activities and research topics for months of falcon Web questing and research. The mentor's kit is available in print or a downloadable PDF version.

Source: Raptors in the City,

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