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Questia Unveils Its New, Improved Research Website

Posted Aug 3, 2012
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Questia has unveiled their new website, featuring numerous expanded and improved features to help students write and cite better research papers, faster, during the upcoming academic year and beyond. To celebrate its site launch through the month of August, Questia is giving away 1,000 week-long free access codes to the first thousand people to "Like" them on Facebook.

The new and improved Questia online library and research tool for students features an expanded library (increased by over 33 percent), improved navigation for better, faster research, dictionary and thesaurus tools, and an interactive reader that will make the research experience easier for students. Questia members will also soon have access to new research tutorials, including videos and guides on how to write professor-approved papers. Students are able to utilize Questia to eliminate two of professors' biggest complaints when it comes to papers: poor sources and incorrect citations.

Source: Cengage Learning/Questia,;

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