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Promethean Releases ActivTable Collaborative, Interactive Education Solution

Posted Mar 29, 2012
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Promethean has announced the release of a  new collaborative and interactive education solution, the ActivTable. The touch-screen interactive table is designed to empowers students to take a more active role in their learning. The more than 25 activities, mapped to standards, inspire students to get involved and participate in group-based projects, the announcement states.

Using natural touch gesture-based movements on the multi-touch screen, students work in teams, pairs or individually to manipulate content and engage in activities that support lessons aligned to core subjects. Students collaborate by sharing work with others across the ActivTable or collectively creating content or conducting research to complete a common goal on lessons.

The ActivTable supports wireless web browsing and integrates with the Promethean ActivBoard. Educators and learners have easy access to a wealth of tools and resources including web browsers, virtual keyboards, an image bank and offers the ability for teachers or learners to easily record sound files. Up to six students can simultaneously use these activities to build collaboration skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and consensus decision-making.

Features and Benefits:

* Using the ActivTable's reporting tools, teachers can track individual student participation, learn who contributed and how each student participated based upon activity of student avatars.

* Teachers can leverage the ActivTable to deliver personalized learning by groups and tailor lessons to support different levels of comprehension and learning styles.

What is new?

* 46" Full HD LCD display

* Individual tool library including keyboards, maths tools, web browsers, etc.

* Easy table access for chairs and wheelchairs

* Embedded sound system for multi-media lesson and voice recording

See the ActivTable in action:

Source: Promethean,

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