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Promethean Introduces New Blended Learning Features in ClassFlow

Posted Jul 16, 2015
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Promethean has introduced a new version of ClassFlow that now supports blended learning environments, enhancing instruction both inside and outside the classroom. ClassFlow is a comprehensive instructional delivery system that increases the depth of student engagement by providing interactive and collaborative use of classroom devices, digital curriculum and assessments for learning. ClassFlow gives teachers the ability to deliver high-impact, multimedia lessons and breathes educational purpose into Chromebooks, iPads, laptops and classroom displays, such as interactive projectors, SMART Boards, Promethean ActivBoards and Promethean ActivPanels.

The school edition of ClassFlow now enables schools to extend learning beyond the classroom by assigning each student a unique ClassFlow Student Account – a personal account that enables students to access instructional materials, assignments and other relevant information pertinent to class curriculum at any time, from any location. ClassFlow Student Accounts also provide each student with a cloud-based storage drive, or “digital backpack,” where students can upload and organize their own learning resources and materials for reference.

With ClassFlow Student Accounts, teachers can enhance student engagement by sending assignments and instructional materials to students before or after the school day. Furthermore, teachers can use the new Assignment Tracker feature to monitor individual student progress by accessing real-time metrics on the status of outstanding assessments and assignments.

The latest release of ClassFlow now offers a new suite of dashboard tools for teachers and students to enhance class management and provides instant access to the most important classroom information, all in one place, anytime, and anywhere. The new suite includes the:

* CLASS HOMEPAGE – Teachers can post announcements, send reminders and communicate with individual students outside the classroom. The students can also ask questions as a part of the same comments stream.

* STUDENT DASHBOARD – Enables students to efficiently manage time by tracking their daily schedule of activities, lessons, assignments and assessments across all of their classes.

* TEACHER DASHBOARD – Enables teachers to get a consolidated view of the most important class information such as lessons delivered, status of assignments and the class’ calendar.

* TEACHER CALENDAR – Acts as a launch pad for the teacher’s daily activities. Once scheduled, teachers can deliver their lessons and assignments directly from the calendar.

As part of the latest upgrade, Promethean has also introduced ClassFlow Desktop – software for Windows or Mac OS that allows teachers to capture and share their screen when displaying content from any website, document or application, instantly creating dynamic, interactive lesson material. Teachers can deliver content built outside of ClassFlow during a lesson while taking full advantage of the collaboration and engagement capabilities within ClassFlow.

The enhanced functionality of ClassFlow is now available. For more information about ClassFlow and to request a demo, visit

Source: Promethean,

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