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Project MUSE Offers Special Pricing for School Libraries

Posted Apr 25, 2005
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Project MUSE, an online collection of scholarly journals, has announced it is offering secondary school libraries access to its Full Collection for the discounted subscription rate of $1,000. The decision stems from MUSE's desire to encourage and support the use of online scholarly journals in the high school environment for both research and information literacy training, according to the Project MUSE announcement.

MUSE's Full Collection comprises of more than 270 scholarly journals in the arts, humanities, and social science fields, published by 60 university presses located around the world. MUSE offers quality research materials for literature, history, cultural studies, political science, ethics, classics, performing arts, religious studies, and many other areas of importance to college-bound students.

Currently, Project MUSE is used by more than 25 high schools in the U.S. Students can log on to MUSE through authorized computers on campus or at home by accessing their school's computer network. They conduct their content searches using the MUSE search interface or may link to MUSE articles from a variety of popular bibliographic services. MUSE is also working with Google to enable students to use the familiar Google Website and its Google Scholar ( interface to explore the MUSE Website. Students can view articles in HTML and PDF formats; save, e-mail, and export search results to RefWorks and EndNote; and also define search terms and limits by journal, subject, or type of material.

MUSE also hosts a "For Librarians" Web page, which offers a variety of tools and information for providing instruction to users of the online journals, downloading details about MUSE holdings, obtaining usage statistics, requesting support materials, and finding answers to common questions.

High school libraries continue to have the option of subscribing on a title-by-title basis to any journal for which the publisher has opted to have MUSE sell single titles, at rates set by the publishers. The current list value of subscriptions to all of the journals in the MUSE Full Collection is more than $23,000, according to Project MUSE.

For additional information on Project MUSE's pricing structure and the 2005 list of journals, please visit the following Web pages:

Source: Project MUSE,

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