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ProQuest Introduces Enhancements to SIRS Issues Researcher and SIRS Discoverer

Posted Sep 25, 2014
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Educators and students this fall are benefiting from online resources from ProQuest that are mobile optimized, include new instructional tools and features, and vetted content aligned to national standards. Now formatted for easy screen reading on a variety of smart phones and tablets, full-text and image information in the SIRS Issues Researcher and SIRS Discoverer research resources can be easily accessed any time from anywhere. Source information is displayed, making it easy to select articles, media or website links. Additionally, prominent one-click link features foster collaboration with other students and make citation effortless with direct export to the EasyBib citation tool.

The SIRS Issues Researcher offers curated, unique content supported by Topic Overviews, Essential Questions and Viewpoint Articles—providing students with a solid foundation for understanding the pros and cons of 350+ Leading Issues. New features now available include:

  • Eight new frequently-debated current Leading Issues—including Antibiotic Resistance, School Environment, and World Cultures.

  • A new Infographics feature that supports the curriculum standard requiring students to use quantitative data and graphics to address a question or solve a problem.

  • Three new teaching and learning guides correlating to Common Core Standards, providing deeper understanding of primary sources, statistics and infographics.

Designed for K-8 students, SIRS Discoverer differentiates instruction of core curriculum areas with Lexile scores and supplemental teaching and learning materials. To help educators capture students’ curiosity and foster learning with a variety of content formats, the new features now available include:

  • Pro/Con Leading Issues specifically created for research and English Language Arts (ELA) writing requirements with topic related materials to guide the student. The initial release includes 50 age-appropriate topics, including Animal Rights, Bullying, and Junk Food.

  • Animal Facts provides new contextual material for researching 50 animals and uses a scaffold learning approach to engage younger students, while providing additional links for deeper understanding by older students.

Source: ProQuest,

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