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Pokémon USA Releases Pokémon Learning League

Posted Jul 19, 2006
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Pokémon USA has announced the release of Pokémon Learning League, a Web-based educational suite of animated, interactive lessons in language arts, math, science, and life skills for grades 3-6. Drawing upon current research and instructional strategies, the program is aligned with state and national standards and is designed to help teachers reinforce concepts taught in the classroom.

Pokémon Learning League uses a variety of instructional techniques and activities to help educators adapt instruction to accommodate a range of student abilities and a multitude of learning styles. Through its animation and interactive lessons, the program illustrates key concepts in a way that is accessible and easy to comprehend, helping students who may not have fully grasped the material through other teaching methods, the announcement states.

Lessons are presented in a three-step format that provides guided and scaffolded instruction for students:

1) Watch: The lesson begins with a narrative-based animated segment in which students, along with the Pokémon characters, are introduced to the educational concept.

2) Try: Next, students collaborate with the characters to explore and interact with the material, receiving feedback and support to help deepen their understanding.

3) Apply: After practicing with the material, students have an opportunity to apply what they have learned to interactive challenges.

Throughout the program, Pokémon characters demonstrate creative problem-solving skills and prosocial behaviors such as teamwork and skill building to serve as models for students, according to the announcement. Each lesson is designed to be approximately 10 minutes in length and is accessible online. Students can move through the lessons at their own pace.

Educators and students can enjoy free online access to Pokémon Learning League until October 31, 2006. The program will be available to schools, households, and after-school programs on a subscription basis following the free trial period.

For more information, visit A report detailing the research basis for the new product is available to view and download from the Pokémon Learning League homepage.

Source: Pokémon USA, Inc.,

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