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Pokémon Learning League Now Available for Use in Classrooms

Posted Oct 11, 2006
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Pokémon USA, Inc., has announced the launch of Pokémon Learning League,, designed to provide educators with quick access to engaging curriculum lessons that they can use in their classrooms. The new Web-based educational product offers educators a way to embrace students' enthusiasm for animation and interactive technology while motivating them to learn academic concepts and problem-solving skills, according to the announcement. 

Pokémon Learning League is a Web-based educational suite of animated, interactive lessons in language arts, math, science, and life skills for grades 3-6. The online program is available to educators and students, as well as families, for a free trial through Dec. 31, 2006.

Pokémon Learning League leverages students' familiarity with Pokémon characters to draw them into subject matter that is crucial to their success in school and in life, the announcement states. The characters also serve as mentors to students, guiding them through the lessons and demonstrating life skills such as teamwork and perseverance.

Four new characters—Ada, Siara, Lex, and Quinn—were created exclusively for Pokémon Learning League as mission guides to help students explore and understand concepts. These diverse, young adult characters, who reside in the "Learning League Lab," reflect positive attitudes and introduce topics in a relatable, conversational manner.

In January 2007, Pokémon Learning League will be available through a paid yearly subscription of $145 per classroom and $995 per school building (district and home pricing is also available). A report detailing the research basis for Pokémon Learning League is available to view and download in the About Us section at

Source: Pokémon USA,

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